Client reviews

" I slept very well, my anxiety feels at a lower level today and my skin feels nice and plump."

Cheryl P, 90-minute Acu-facial therapy™ with Cosmetic Acupuncture

"I had been interested in trying facial acupuncture for some time, for a mix of health and aesthetic reasons, but finding the right practitioner was of paramount importance. I believe I have found her in Kristina. She is extremely competent and knowledgeable, but very gentle and precise too. The whole treatment is extremely relaxing and energising. The benefits have been firmer and fresher-looking skin, a more defined jawline and an enhance feeling of wellbeing. I look forward to every appointment."

Jan K, 90-minute Acu-facial therapy™ with Cosmetic Acupuncture

"Having done a little research into facial acupuncture and its benefits, I had 6 consecutive treatments with Kristina. After my first treatment my skin was notably different and the next day I noticed that my brow and eye area looked lifted, smoother and more open. After all 6 sessions, my skin looks healthier and firmer with a more even skin tone. Kristina is very professional and I look forward to going back."

Alison G, 60-minute Acu-facial therapy™ with Cosmetic Acupuncture

"Kristina's signature facial massage is a calming, deeply relaxing, pampering treat. Pure magical bliss. A lusciously rejuvenating treatment for my skin and soul."

Ozzy H, 60-minute Acu-facial therapy™with Acupressure-Massage

After just one session of facial acupuncture, my face felt somewhat smoother and more toned. I also enjoyed the facial massage that followed. Two days later my wrinkles were becoming noticeably more refined. The end result after a few more visits was very impressive. My face looked quite plumped up and much firmer. The whole experience was well worthwhile and one to be recommended.

Avis D, 90-minute Acu-facial therapy™ with Cosmetic acupuncture

Kristina is extremely professional and polite - and will focus part of the treatment to address your specific concerns. In my case, I am prone to dry skin patches on the nose and these areas simply come up gleaming afterwards.
The environment is spotless and very relaxing. Lying there during the treatment you just feel any stress slip away, as all those tiny rigid facial muscles are given the release they deserve. You could say it's like yoga for the face!

Colum D, 60-minute Holistic Rejuvenating facial