Natural Lift & Glow with Facial cupping & Gua sha

This rejuvenating non-invasive facial treatment gives the complexion an instant glow. A cleanse and gentle exfoliation is followed by a face, neck and shoulder massage, and targeted facial lifting techniques, using cupping and a gua sha.

The Results

  • Lifting, plumping & contouring
  • Detoxifying & de-puffing
  • Brighter, clearer & smoother skin

How does it work?
Gua sha
A traditional Chinese tool made of crystal, a facial gua sha is used to massage the face and neck in gentle brushing strokes that help to release muscle tension, improve the circulation, tone, lift and decongest the skin.

Facial cupping
Facial cupping uses high-quality glass cups with a mild suction and soft gliding motion, to gently massage and lift facial tissues, boost lymphatic drainage, and give skin an instant plumping effect.