Holistic Natural Glow & Rejuvenate

An indulgent facial combining facial massage, lymphatic drainage, cupressure, and a relaxing neck and shoulder massage, with a personalised skincare regime, nutritional and natural remedy recommendations, for an all-over feeling of wellbeing that lasts long beyond the treatment.

The Results
A luxurious bespoke facial, that is deeply relaxing and pampering.

  • Refreshing & hydrating
  • Radiant-looking skin
  • Wellbeing boosting

How does it work?
This tailored skincare treatment begins with a skin analysis and facial diagnosis, to determine your skin type and needs. You'll then enjoy an indulgent facial followed by a facial massage, and a wonderfully de-stressing neck and shoulder massage. You'll also receive a personalised skincare regime, with nutritional and natural remedy recommendations, and suggested dietary and lifestyle changes.