Advanced Acu-facial therapy®️ with Acupressure-Massage

Give your face the ultimate workout with the 'no needle' version of the Acu-Facial with Cosmetic Acupuncture. This luxurious, hands-on facial combines advanced facial massage, using lifting and sculpting techniques and Chinese massage tools such as facial gua sha, with facial cupping to visibly plump the skin, smooth out fine lines and improve facial definition, for a lifted, toned appearance and glowing complexion. Ideal if you are looking to tone up before an important event or have a fear of needles.

The Results

  • Lifting, plumping and contouring
  • Tightening sagging face and neck
  • Lymphatic drainage from face and neck
  • Reduces eye bags and skin puffiness
  • Brighter, clearer and smoother skin
  • Releases tension from tissue layers
  • Reduces stress, and promotes relaxation

How does it work?
A unique sequence of highly effective massage techniques target both the surface and deep facial tissues, helping to release tension in the face, jaw and neck, boosting circulation, relaxing expression lines and improving lymphatic flow. In addition to facial acupressure-massage, your advanced Acu-facial therapy™ treatment may include a sonic facial cleanse, peels, a selection of serums, masks and LED light therapy for enhanced results.

Gua sha
A traditional Chinese tool made of crystal, the gua sha is used to massage the face and neck in gentle brushing strokes, helping to release muscle tension, improving circulation, toning, lifting and decongesting the skin.

Facial cupping
Facial cupping uses high-quality glass cups with a mild suction and soft gliding motion, to gently massage and lift facial tissues, boost lymphatic drainage, and give skin an instant plumping effect.